Beef Sesame Pancake

Very tasty breakfast but boy it's hard to make if you want to make it from scratch!

Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 2 mins

Sliced precooked beef shank with tendon
Lightly toasted sesame pancake shell
Sliced green onions or chopped cilantro or julienne cucumbers
Sweet bean paste

  1. Spread sweet bean paste inside the pancake shell like you're spreading mayonnaise on a sandwich.
  2. Place beef and your choice of green veggies inside the shell.
  3. Close the shell and press down.
Sweet Bean Paste/Sauce
There are many varieties of sweet bean sauce. The can on the right side is one type. Available at most Chinese markets.

Sesame Pancake Shell
You might be able to find the sesame pancake shell in the frozen section at a Chinese market. If not, you can substitute it with other types of pancake. I'll post the recipe for this a different time.

Beef Shank Slices
You might also be able to find the beef shank slices if the Chinese market sells precooked packaged foods. If not, go to the recipe for beef noodle soup and use the same recipe to boil the beef. The only differences are: omit the stir fry and go straight to boiling, boil the shank as a whole and slice after it is cooked and refrigerated, and omit the veggies. The more tendons the shank has, the better it would taste in the pancake, so pick one with a lot of marbling and make sure you cook it until the tendons are soft.