Mullet Roe or Karasumi 烏魚子

This is a Taiwanese/Japanese delicacy. It's salted mullet roe/caviar and it goes great with rice!  This is a very popular gift item during the Chinese new year and is usually a side dish that goes with drinking.

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 1 min

2 Tbsp Kaoliang liquor (if you can't get this, regular cooking rice wine will work)
1 piece mullet roe
a few slices apple, Korean pear, Dikon, or garlic stem  *optional*

  1. Peel the outer waxy layer off the roe.
  2. Heat up a medium non-stick skillet on medium heat.
  3. Place the roe on the skillet for 30~40 sec. While it's cooking, brush or spray the top with the liquor.
  4. Flip the roe over and repeat #3.
  5. Slice the roe at an angle about 1/4~1/2 inch thick and serve with the slices of apples, pear, dikon, garlic stem (which ever you prefer).
  6. Suggestions:
  7. You can also use a few drops of cooking oil in place of the liquor to cook the roe.

Good Mullet Roe is hard to come by. Wild caught ones are usually imported from China, and contains high amounts of liquid making the roe soggy.  Farm raised mullet roe tastes much better.